Egotopia  The Theater Ensemble Hora,  2020





summercollection 2021 for Judith Haarmann






wintercollection 2019 for Judith Haarmann








Cover for the Album „Gold“ from Anna & Stoffner




Artwork for the Album „Gold“ from Anna & Stoffner




Rehearsel of“ No Gambling“  Concept & Direction: Simone Aughterlony and Julia Häusermann






„Scalable Skeletal Escalator“  Concept: Isabel Lewis with The Field, Tanzhaus Zürich




„No Gambling“ Concept & Direction: Simone Aughterlony Julia Häusermann,Tanzhaus Zürich





„Gstört“  By Ueli Bichsel and Anna Frey



Maria Sigrist, Director 




Anna Frey, Raper and Poet





Evelinn Trouble, Musician