Egotopia 2019

A Work Series with the Ensemble of the Hora Theater. 


Royal Portraits – An expression of power and loneliness at the same time. The people on it seem to be pressed into a frame which they endure in silence. Still life – The human being rules over the animal or the plant, tears them out of their natural environment and lets them perish on his table or in a vase.
But the dead things fight back, their lifeless bodies revolt and become new, living forms.


Nominated for the 23 vfg YOUNG TALENT AWARD 2019

exibit in:

EGOTOPIA, Uno Art Space, Stuttgart, Germany
EGOTOPIA, Nuit de la Photo, La Chaux-de-Fonds
EGOTOPIA, Kammgarn West, Schaffhausen

EGOTOPIA, Oslo 8, Basel
EGOTOPIA, Galerie l’Elac, Lausanne
EGOTOPIA, Photobastei, Zurich